Chances are, if you have found your way here, you or someone you love is expecting a baby. Documenting the beauty of this new arrival and the wonderful changes he or she will bring to your family is important to you. A newborn photo session is an irreplaceable and unregrettable experience for families.

Newborn family sessions are designed to capture gorgeous, authentic photographs that showcase both the beauty of your newborn and family's new life with him or her. My approach to newborn photography is two fold. First, I will capture beautiful portraits of your baby. Second, I capture the beauty of your family's new life with him or her. Sessions typically include a mix of posed portraits of baby and family as well as collection of more casual lifestyle photographs featuring your family with your newborn--interacting, laughing, sharing, and loving. By focusing on not just your baby, but the new and intimate connections within your family, I document how you want to remember these magical days in an authentic and artful way. Each session is a customized experience designed to put your baby and you at ease, have fun, and capture the expressions and feelings that make your family special!

Documenting these memories is so important. Newborns do not come into our families often, and they grow and change so quickly. They will never be this tiny and this new again. In fact, that special "newborn look" lasts only weeks. Days go by and the next thing we know, they are so different. Teeth grow in, then fall out. Chubby baby thighs are suddenly running down the soccer field, and that little girl who wouldn't leave your side is now taller than you and begging for your car keys. Taking the time for family photographs is not merely a way of preserving these moments. It is a powerful way of prioritizing our them--of slowing down, recognizing their value you place on your family, and creating lasting memories together.

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